a decentralise digital identity protocol


mMobility's mission is to create a global social change and improve quality of life, through digital identity. Building a decentralise digital identity protocol, allowing users, developers and enterprises to link and authenticate user's identifiable data that are distributed across different systems, servers and databases. Users can access their fragmented digital data into a single managed application. For developers, it means they can build applications, that allows frictionless onboarding and interaction between the user and the vendor, through a single authentication. For enterprises, it lowers their risk and liability by not holding sensitive user data through linking directly to the government and other trusted anchor databases.


Over 1 billion people in the developing world lack any form of officially recognised identification, either paper or electronic-based. This identity gap is a serious obstacle to participation in political, economic, and social life. Without a secure way to assert and verify one’s identity, a person may be unable to open a bank account, vote in an election, access education or healthcare, receive a pension payment or file official petitions in court. Furthermore, inadequate identification systems mean that states will have difficulty collecting taxes, targeting social programs, and ensuring security.


Some other statistics related to identity, why this is a global problem.


1.1 billion identities stolen

20 people per minute are displaced without identity. (Greater than post World War 2)

Our vision is not only to solve today's problems caused by inefficiency or lack of digital identity. However, by introducing a redistribution of data monetisation from big data firms to the User, creating what we call "Data Basic Income".


Building partnerships with NGO’s such as ‘Project Everyone,’ ID2020, ID4D, WEF, GSMA and the United Nations in providing almost at no cost identity infrastructure to achieve their goals.   




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"The right to control means that we should own our personal data, not the company. And when a company betrays our trust, we should be able to take that data with us, either to another company, or eradicate it, as we see fit…And let’s be clear, our data is really our digital identity"  Cullen Hoback, The Guardian



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